University of NH

UNH and their K12 partners developed an action plan with extensive notations posted here:


One Response to University of NH

  1. Todd DeMitchell says:

    If we are looking at change, should we first ask whether there are any enduring skills/knowledge that forms the core of the practice? Should we focus on those skills because the context and technology changes.

    1. If we don’t know where we are going we don’t know what obstacles are keeping us from getting there. Need for clarity of purposes.
    2. If we are changing higher education preparation, do we assume that all programs are the same? Are there programs and practices that have demonstrated success?
    3. High stakes testing.
    4. As instruction moves out of the school (not the university), what are the accountability mechanisms that ensure the validity of the instructional activity? Who verified the competence of the extended learning mentor?
    5. When students leave the schoolhouse gate, what liability attaches to the teacher who approved the learning activity and the instructor? What liability for the school?
    6. How to achieve equitable access for all students without regard for geography or socioeconomic status.
    7. Teach teachers for the schools that exist now? Teach teachers for the schools we hope will exist with rich technology and the individuals who populate the learning studios? If there is a disconnect for the teacher does that lead to even larger drop out rate?
    8. Does the teacher preparation accreditation process support the 21st Century vision?
    9. Only have preparation programs that prepare teachers for a profession rather than programs which prepare individuals for a one or two year service experience to do something else.

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