NH Tech Institute

NHTI and their K12 partners developed an action plan and posted it here: http://www.nhsummit.org/p-20-teams/nhti-team


One Response to NH Tech Institute

  1. Barriers

    Staff Development time- to cultivate a shared vision and develop a transition plan to get there- it will not happen overnight but you need time to develop the vision and commitment of the team

    It also cannot be done in a vacuum; this activity requires trust-building, Teambuilding time needs to involve teachers, teacher prep programs, Advisory Boards, parents and community of students, and the larger community. How can we get all these folks together?

    Initiative overload while trying to maintain a current system

    Assumptions about each other expectations/roles/resources, common shared expectations between the education partners and the LEAs

    Limited access to technology due to bandwidth issues within districts and schools

    Postsecondary is the tail of the dog in terms of innovation with technology, need funding and resources

    Release time for teachers and backfill with permanent highly qualified substitutes to assure parents, colleagues, and students that the quality of current system will not be compromised

    Public Perception- this needs to be continually managed and massaged

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