New England College

New England College and their K12 partners developed an action plan and posted it here:


One Response to New England College

  1. Carlton Fitzgerald says:

    The first barrier is ourselves. We are so involved in the process that it is hard to see outside of it, to see alternatives that could be possible. Change is notjust rearranging the deck chairs – change leads to a reinvention of how to provide the best learning environments and opporunities for all involved. In learning studios individuals must continually reflect on their work and identify ways to grow. The growth of individuals must be encouraged and supported so that they can be prepared to teach for the future. This can only be accomplished by adopting the quality philosophy which is continually meeting and exceeding expectations of those we serve to a point of amazing them.

    The second barrier is assessment. As long as we are being assessed based on current standards then people will continue to do what they are doing. “Permission” must be given to allow folks to think and do outside of the box and not be penalized. Individuals must be allowed to demonstrate high levels of proficiency in different ways and be encouraged to provide evidence that is not traditional.

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