Next Steps for Transforming NH

What is our logic model for taking action after the NH Summit? At the 6/21/2010 meeting of the summit steering committee, we struggled to clearly state what our “logic model” is for the change we seek. Here are some thoughts about next steps, which we feel will lead us to identifying a clear logic model. We encourage your comments and ideas:

  1. Edit video from the summit to create a 15-20 minute version that all organizations can use to continue the conversation. (Point person = Cathy)
    1. Get video raw footage from SNHU
    2. Send copies to producer
    3. Timestamp each video
    4. Each committee member review one video and determine spots to include in summary video
  2. Publish a “summit report” which will convey the summit proceedings.
  3. Present (use summit PR packet with video, report, etc.) at conferences, regional superintendent meetings, NEA-NH, Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference, etc.
  4. Ongoing blogging and tweeting
  5. GLEF survey / Warburton
  6. Getting funds for additional meetings and an annual summit
  7. NCTAF support for teams
  8. Develop logic model
  9. Reconvene the teams – when?
  10. Committee members will each contact key stakeholders for phone followup and to plan to reconvene all groups together:
    2. Bob – NHSDC, PostSecEd
    3. Cathy – NHSTE & NHSLMA
    4. Fred – State Board
    5. Mary –

Summit Goals

  1. Create / strengthen P20 participants committed to 21st century practice
  2. Create / institutionalize statewide network
  3. Identify statewide policies / resources to support this network
  4. Give educators ownership of the conversation
  5. Give students major voice / influence
  6. Create clear picture of our vision

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