Panel of School Leaders at McAuliffe

Day 3 of the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference included a session about current successes and challenges ahead for the work of transforming our educator development system in New Hampshire. Two superintendents, Peter Warburton (SAU 53 in Pembroke) and Leo Corriveau (SAU 87 in Mascenic), were part of a discussion which first occurred at the NH Summit (see

McAuliffe participants learned more about the summit proceedings and engaged in this critical conversation about what schooling should look like for our 21st century learners and how we can get there faster.


Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference

Two members of the NH Summit steering committee facilitated a session about the summit initiative at the McAuliffe conference today. The conference is an annual event in NH, welcoming over 2,000 educators from all over New England to learn and share how digital tools and resources are being used in the learning environment.

Participants were intrigued and motivated to share their own experiences with teacher interns and the extent of their readiness to create 21st century classrooms. View slides here.

If you were in attendance at this session, please post a comment here to help us extend the conversation. And thank you for doing so!

P20 Teamwork

FPC team

Franklin Pierce P20 team meets at round table while NHTI team meets in back corner lounge area

Several teams used the summit blog to have an online record of their discussions about barriers to change and solutions to get beyond the barriers. Each IHE preparation program has a page on this blog for notes and comments, which you can access from the sidebar links. You’ll want to head back to the NH summit website to view the 6 month, 12 month, and 24 month action plans from each P20 team that attended the summit.

A National Imperative

On Wednesday evening, May 26, Tom Carroll, president of the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future speaks on the National Imperative to Transform Educator Development, Schooling and the Role of Teachers. You can view his presentation here. What ideas did you hear from his talk that you agree with?

The Global Imperative

On Thursday morning, May 27, Stephen Jury, vice-chairman for the Promethean Corporation Board of Directors, speaks about the Global Imperative to Transform Teaching, Learning and Educator Development. If you listened to Wednesday evening’s presentation on the national imperative, now you can think even more broadly about the global imperative. What did you hear that was new to you?

Inspiring Examples

For the second presentation on Thursday morning Milton Chen, senior fellow at the George Lucas Education Foundation, speaks about Inspiring Examples of 21st century schooling and educator development. Which examples inspired you? Why?